Who Am I?

Hey!  I’m Vincent Pontius.  I’m a pastor, monk enthusiast, and a giant theology nerd.  I’m writing here to explore ideas a little more freely.  I don’t get to spend time with each cool theological idea that catches my eye.  Sermons must be written!  Studies must be organized!  The “cool idea” in question may not be in the scope of the project I’m working on.  As much as I tell myself, “I’ll come back to this for a study later on,” I’m realizing that there are more cool ideas out there than there is time in the world.  I just won’t get to all of it!  And so, rather than continue on in my current pattern, cramming those tidbits into random Word documents buried in folders that I’ll never open again, I’m putting stuff on this site.  If you stumble across it, don’t expect anything systematic!  These are theological odds and ends that I’m mulling over.  At the same time, don’t think that they’re somehow of a lower quality than the things that do make it into sermons and studies!  Absolutely not!  These are the things that I’m figuring out in my heart.  If anything, they’re the crème de la crème of my spiritual life. Hopefully you’ll get something by wrestling through the Christian classics with me!